Initial Response to ‘Brief’

Posted: June 15, 2010 in Media

Upon reading the brief of the choices available for the A2 course I found that I had a certain feeling of interest towards a few of them,  mainly being ones revolving around film/TV:

1- A Promotion package for a new film, to include a ‘teaser trailer’ and two of following three things:

-A website homepage for the film

-A film magazine front cover, featuring the film

-A poster for the film

I think I find this one the most interesting as it is similar to the AS course, but still differs slightly. And although I’m not keen on the IT ideas (website) I do like the design options available (magazine cover and poster) and would probably choose them when it came down to it.

2- An extract from a documentary programme for television, lasting about 5 minutes, with two of the following three things:

– A radio advert

-A double page spread in a magazine on the programme

-A newspaper advert

Although the initial thought of moving onto something a bit different to AS level did interest me at first, I thought it might be a bit of a jump and wouldn’t link as well when discussing progress. The smaller options also didn’t sound quite as interesting as others did….

3- A short film, with its entire story lasting about five minutes, can be live action, animation or both, together with two of the three following options:

-A poster for the film

-A radio trailer for the film

-A film magazine review page featuring the film

Yes I did like the sound of this at first, but it sounds like a bit of a challenge to create a narrative that can be told in a mere 5 minutes. It also sounded a little bit too much like the previous AS coursework, though the options available did appeal to me.

 So I think I will choose, based on what I’ve just discussed, the first option I explained (the teaser trailer one) as it appeals to me the most. I would find making a trailer interesting as there is no rush to get everything in narrative wise and there are trailers everywhere to analyse in the research process. Also, I thinking designing a film poster/magazine cover would be something different and more creative to do than near enough any thing else that has been offered in the brief.

Throughout the course I have chosen to work by myself, as this way no arguments/disagreements can occur…..Working alone also means I can do my own ideas and developments without having to rely on another for information/co-operation, which at times can be time consuming and cause the quality of work to suffer.


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