Trailers Questionnaire…..

Posted: June 26, 2010 in Media

Right, to help me discover just what audiences want from a trailer I organised a little questionnaire to help me out. The following questions were included (and I have put in a little analysis of each question to justify why I have chosen it)…

1- Firstly, what do you like about film trailers and why?

Why did I include this question?

Well I thought I would start off with the basics: by asking audiences a simple question first it prevents them from becoming bored or even worse, confused. And by asking them the reason why they enjoy trailers also allows them to answer personally and get interested in the questionnaire from the very beginning. Also, they won’t feel pressured into ‘choosing’ an answer as there is no right or wrong one, making them relaxed and able to answer the questionnaire truthfully.

2- Do you think a trailer should be clear about a film’s genre (horror, comedy etc)? Why is this?

Why did I include this question?

Well I wanted an idea of how clear the genre should be as to help me with my own trailer. After looking at a wide variety of trailers I’ve discovered sometimes the genre can be very straightforward and very obvious to the audience, while some can be mixed or vague in what the genre of the film may be. I think by asking this question I will be able to get a good idea of what method to choose, overall enhancing the quality of my trailer.

3- Do you regard music as an important aspect to a film trailer? Why?

Why did I include this question?

Well I know music is generally very important in trailers but I want to know why this is and the different reasons music has such a big effect on the audience in trailers. I want to hear their personal opinions so that I can choose the right piece of music and give evidence as to why it’s so important.

4-What about dialogue from the film? Do you think this is important also?

Why did I include this question?

Again, dialogue in trailers differ a lot- some include whole conversations between characters, voice overs or even no dialogue atall. I want to know what audiences enjoy the most and why so that I can justify how much dialogue I will include in my own trailer. I want to know what has more effect on audiences in the realms of dialogue so that I can put this into my own trailer and improve it overall.

5- Which is better: slow paced or fast paced trailers? Why?

Why did I include this question?

Well trailers can be slow or fast paced, thus creating a certain atmosphere, mood and effecting the audience’s interpration of the trailer itself etc etc But I want an answer as to which audiences enjoy more so I can consider their needs and perhaps act upon them in my own trailer.

6- What about narrative/plot? How much information should trailers include?

Why did I include this question?

Well I thought it was important. A narrative is one of the key factors to a film, and therefore is also a big aspect of the trailer promoting it. I want an opinion on what is more effective in this area so that I can consider it when making my own trailer. Afterall, a trailer with too little or too much narrative included could bore audiences.

7-So, do you think you would enjoy a revenge/thriller trailer? Why?

Why did I include this question?

I wanted to be specific to the genre I intend for my trailer to be. Firstly I want to know whether audiences would enjoy a trailer of this genre (as there is no point making a trailer if no one would enjoy it) and more importantly, the reasons why it would be enjoyed/not enjoyed. The answers should give me some idea of why viewers do/don’t enjoy thriller/revenge trailers and should give me some things to consider (such as atmosphere, pace, camera etc)  before I begin to film it.

8- What would you expect to see within it? Please justify what you have put.

Why did I include this question?

Well I intend to get an idea of what audiences would expect from a trailer of this kind. Therefore I will be aware of normal conventions within my genre of trailer and I will be able to consider using them (thus giving audiences something they can familiarise with) or ignoring them completely (thus shocking audiences and interesting them by breaking the conventions they would usually expect).

So, there are the questions. I’ll give a questionnaire to 10 people (of different age, gender etc) and I’ll summarise their answers taking into account personal opinions, similarities, differences between them etc and by the end of it, come to some sort of conclusion on each question.

Hopefully It’ll help me get some answers I need before I begin creating my trailer and give me some ideas/inspiration. Afterall, the audience knows best.


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