An idea for a plot…

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Media

Ok it’s just an idea, and it’s very basic at the moment, so I could work on it to develop it further if I decide afterwards I can’t do it/don’t like it or whatever….

The protagonist is an ex policeman, who resigned from the force,

He was only a low ranking policeman, and young, but soon realised that the force was corrupt and that most of his colleagues were a part of the corruption,

He was surrounded by it, and hated it,

He wanted to do good and help people but ended up becoming as bad as the criminals he was supposed to be catching,

He resigned and then wasn’t seen for 5 years- like he disappeared,

He repays a visit to all his old work mates and gets revenge for something bad that happened all those years ago,

A new, female officer gets involved in what is going on and realises something bad is happening,

The protagonist reveals to her that the thing he wants revenge for is the fact that 5 years ago, he killed an innocent young man. And then his superiors covered it up for him and told him to forget all about it,

But he couldn’t forget, and had to get revenge on those who had let him get away with murder.

So, do I like it??

Ok well here’s the thing: I did like it when I first thought of it. I like the idea of police corruption as I have come across it a lot in Tv series such ‘Ashes to Ashes’ and I think it is an interesting subject, as the police have to make a lot of very moral decisions about justice and what is right and wrong. I think this gives them a lot of power then to bend the rules and I like stories, like my idea, that show what happen when things go too far.

I can think of things I would put in the trailer, like maybe glimpses at flashbacks at what happened- insinuating it was something bad. Showing the protagonist brandishing weapons, threatening old work mates. Mysery and panic in the other characters as to who he is and what he wants.

But, there’s a problem…

As much as I like this intial idea I think that I may have to decide upon another. Because well, a policeman (especailly an ex policemen) needs to be quite old (like 20-30 years old) and I don’t have that many aged people around to star in my trailer. I also think involving characters that are police officers could be hard: where would I get various props and costumes from?? And location wise I have more ‘issolated’ backgrounds easily to hand than police cells or stations…so I think the plan of action is this:

Consider what I easily have within my grasp in terms of actors, locations, props and costumes and then think of a plot to base it around.


An idea is already forming in my head….:) and I’m off to write it. So I’ll post it as soon as I can.


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