Update: New Plot Idea…

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Media

After considering what I have around me that can easily be used in my trailer, and various influences from revenge films/trailers, I have come up with another plot idea.

here it is in a  basic structure:

-A stranger moves into a village,

-He is quiet and keeps himself to himself,

-He is said to have his child with him too, but no one ever actually sees him,

-Meanwhile in the village, bad things start happening to a group of people who run a local youth club,

-These people are loved by everyone in the village and seen as nice and caring,

-Mostly it looks like their deaths are caused by just accidents or are suicides,

– But one girl who attends the youth club believes that they were murdered,

-No one believes her,

-She thinks the stranger is behind it all,

-Finds out that the stranger is the culprit because he was getting his revenge on them for what they did to him when he was a child: they turned him into a criminal and he ended up killing a young boy, (which they all helped him cover up),

-The young boy is in fact the ‘child’ he had with him, which is really his mind playing tricks on him (like a ghost haunting him for what he did),

-He says the only way to get rid of his guilt/nightmares is to kill those responsible,

-At first she doesn’t believe him,

-But there’s one last member left for him to kill, and she wants to stop him,

-The stranger takes the last member and the girl to the place they buried the body,

-The last member recognizes him,

-The stranger shoots him, and then tries to kill himself,

-He says the dead boy deserves vengeance, that his killer should be killed in turn,

-The girl stops him and tries to convince him to want to live,

-He says he can’t- if he doesn’t the guilt will not ever leave him,

-The police arrive and arrest him,

-Before he goes, he tells the girl that the boy he killed was in fact his brother.

 So, do I like this idea??

Yes I do, I like it better than the previous one because I think it will be easier to make a trailer for considering what I have to hand. All I really need is two characters to film, with perhaps a few more just for dialogue, (because the trailer doesn’t need to introduce and establish all the characters featuring in the film) and I can easily get hold of two people willing to act for me. Also, I think that location wise it will be easier to make because I can film around the local village (a village will be the main location for the film, where most of the plot happens) and have relatives currently living in the village that I can also possibly use for character’s houses. I also have an empty field I can use for more other clips from the film- like perhaps the ending where the stranger takes the characters to where the body is buried.

As side from just how much easier it will be to make, I think I like this plot better overall. Mostly because it is influenced by other revenge films I have analysed like Dead Man’s Shoes (where I got the idea for there to be a big twist in the plot and a shocking end. Also made think about having characters that are perhaps dead or not real, which tricks audiences) Sleepers (Influenced me by discussing innocence in children and how that innocence can be lost and also the after effects this leaves characters to live with. It’s where the idea of having my protagonist kill members of a youth club comes from). Sweeney Todd (Mainly what comes from Sweeney Todd is the fact that at the end of the film, the protagonist still isn’t satisfied with his vengeance because of the man it has turned him into. For Todd, he welcomes death, for my protagonist, he welcomes a life sentence).


OK I like it, but I feel that it still isn’t great yet, so I’m going to think of ways to develop it. Like perhaps character changes or plot changes, but I hope to keep most of it similar to this. Will update it as soon as I think of any developments.


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