‘Joy Ride’ Trailer…

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Media

In class we watched a short film named ‘Joy Ride’ and were told to make a trailer for it using Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere….

Anyway, while watching the film I tried to remeber the shots/dialogue I thought would help create a trailer to promote it and made notes on them.

I later created a storyboard (Sorry,it’s drawn in pen and isn’t very high quality) and took photos of each frame to upload to my computer.

There, I used windows movie maker to add titles, editing effects (like various transitions) and music to my trailer (which I downloaded from ‘freeplaymusic.com’ and is ironically entitled ‘Make a Run for it’)…I tried to make my trailer (short though it is) convey the main themes of the short film, various plot points and create tension in the audience…

Just to help compare the film to my own trailer, here is the actual film itself…

And here’s my trailer…


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