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Posted: September 15, 2010 in Media

To help me understand more about the genre of thriller/revenge I thought that I’d analyse the distribution/production companies that reguarly produce these films. I found quite a few, and I’ll analyse and evaluate how this can help my understanding of the genre, and that, if I were to make my plot into an actual film, which production companies I would want to produce it:

Warner Bros

Firstly, a bit of background info…

The company is a very successful and well known American producer of film and TV entertainment. Probably most popular for their involvement in the ‘Looney tunes’ cartoons (Like Bugs Bunny and Road Runner) and various other children’s programming. However, the company also helps to produce many other films and TV programmes to suit other and more older audience’s needs.


Interestingly I found that this company was involved with revenge/thrillers such as…’V for Vendetta’, (of which I have seen and did a textual analysis of the trailer for earlier on) ‘Sleepers’ (one of the main influences I had when thinking about my plot) and ‘A time to kill’ (which I have heard has strong revenge themes to it)

As well as other thrillers such as: ‘Murder by Numbers’, ‘the Green Mile’ (one of my favourite films and a good thriller) and ‘Goodfellas’ (which could link to my theme of organised crimes and criminal gangs in my plot)

So, would I choose them??…

Well, looking at the information above I think it’s safe to say that they have produced a lot of films similar to mine in the past, which would hopefully enhance my chance of appealling to them and the perhaps even the audience. Perhaps they expect a revenge/thriller to be produced by Warner Bros because of the previous films it has produced. But I think that because my own plot has been influenced by some of the films they themselves have produced, they may feel that they are not taking a gamble by prodcuing my film (if I made the entire thing instead of just the trailer). 

Warp films

Firstly, a little bit of background info….

Although not as popular or successful as companies like Warner Bro.s or Universal, Warp Films nevertheless, produces some good quality films (though they more popularly work with bands such as the Artic Monkeys and help produce their music). What interested me was the fact the company has worked reguarly with British director Shane Meadows, who directed films such as ‘This is England’ and ‘Once Upon a Time in the Midlands’. And I think I like this company more as it is British and tries to give opportunity to young and upcoming film makers -giving me the idea that the company is after quality when it comes to films, not quantity.


 Of course, it was hard to find a lot of revenge/thrillers, because of the companies small selecion of films when compared to the bigger companies like Universal. But they did produce revenge/thriller ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’, which is one of my biggest influences.

And I also did across some thrillers also, such as a film entitled: ‘Hush’ (which I confess I haven’t seen but it looks like it would be a good thriller)

So, would I choose them??…

To be honest I probably would. One of the main reasons being that they produced ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’, which is perhaps my biggest influence and that they could help me produce a good revenge/thriller due to this. And I also think that if I did make my film (the entire thing) I would choose British actors, locations and have probably quite a small budget. Which I think Warp films can help out on. I think the kind of independent films they produce may not have the biggest budgets but they are quality all the same, and that is why I like the company and wouls probably choose them despite they have only produced one revenge/thriller I know of.

Universal (plus a bit of Working Title, which is owned by Universal)

One of the oldest American studios still in continuous production, the company is very successful and therefore it comes to no surprise that is one of the six major movie studios of the world. Often recognized for it’s sollaboration with British film company Working Title (making films like ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Atonement’) I find this interesting as it seems to be a way in which British film makers can get a bigger budget if need be (from Universal’s funds- they allow Working Title to green light films with a budget of millions).


And interestingly I came across revenge/thrillers such as: ‘Cape Fear’, (which attracted my attention as from researching revenge films this one seemed to keep cropping up) and ‘Gladiator’ (co production) (A film I have already analysed the trailer for and know well) ‘Inglorious Basterds’ (which, from my research also, I have been in the knowledge that it has strong revenge themes to it)

And I also found a lot of thrillers such as: ‘Hannibal’ (which I partly analysed in the AS course), ‘Red Dragon’, ‘The Bourne Ulitmatium’,(of which I have seen and therefore know it is a very good action/thriller film) and ‘Public Enemies’

So, would I choose them??…

I’m not sure. I mean they have produced a lot of thrillers that appeal to me and that I have analysed in the past but I’m not sure about the revenge themes of my film. I mean, there are all kinds of revenge films and the ones this company have produced are not quite the same as mine (and I’ve only seen one of them, and I know it isn’t on the exact same lines as my plot). So I think despite Universal being powerful and successful and able to produce big, box office movies, I wouldn’t choose them to produce my film. And Working Title is off the list without hesitation, I think from previous research they’re a bit more popular for comedies, Rom-coms or Americanised British films like ‘Notting Hill’ or ‘The Boat that Rocked’. No. That’s not the company I think would produce a gritty revenge/thriller.


A company that produces not only films, but video games and TV programming. Mostly noted for it’s animation and family viewing films such as ‘Shrek’ and ‘Madgascar’ although I surprisingly discovered that the company has produced a lot more films than I intially thought. Maybe not as big as rivals ‘Disney’ or the other companies I have previously analysed but it has made quite a success to make them a worthy competitor in the film making world.


I found a couple of revenge/thrillers, including: ‘Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street’ (one of my favourite revenge films that I will do an analysis of soon) and again, ‘Gladiator’ (co production)

And surprisingly,a few thrillers, some of which I have seen or analysed in the AS course: ‘What lies beneath’ and ‘American Beauty’

So, would I choose them??…

No. I don’t think so. I think I’m put off from this company because of the fact I always, and I think a lot of other audience members might, see a dreamworks logo and instantly think- Oh ok, here comes another kids film….and then be surprised when we start watching a violent revenge/thriller. So no, despite having produced some quality revenge/thrillers and just thrillers by themselves, I think this isn’t the company for me. It might give off the wrong signals about my film to the audience for a start…and I don’t want that to happen.

And the winner is…

Well I really really tried to make my mind up (by the process of elimination) to which company would suit my film the best and I think, to be honest, either ‘Warp Films’ or ‘Warner Bros’ would be the producers that would suit my plot perfectly. Why?? Because Warner Bros on one hand tends to make a lot of thriller and revenge films that I enjoy watching and regard some of them as the biggest influences of my own plot. But Warp Films I really would want as they’re British (and I’d want pretty much all my characters to be British and for it to be filmed in Britain) and tend to make very gritty films. They also give chances for amateur film makers, like me, to try and make a good quality film without the six figure budget. So, I could, if I actually made my film, try to have both companies so that they co-produced my film together, like a lot of producers do (so it means to them, half the work and half the money to spend).


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