Textual Analysis of Company Logos…

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Media

In class we were asked to analyse various company logos (most for short films) and list the denotations (obvious statement and description of something) and connotations (what is represented and implied by the image) the logos have. This is then supposed to enlarge our research on logos so we can create our own appropriately when the time comes…

BBC Film Network

Denotation: The logo is on a black background with various other colours on top of it. The company name is written in two colours for example, with ‘film‘ being in white and ‘network’ being in grey. The company’s tagline ‘short films from new British filmmakers’ is also written in grey, underneath the actual name and in a much smaller size. On the left is a small circle of various colours including orange, purple and red.

Connotation: The fact that the logo for this company uses many different colours can connote the fact that they feel like they have a very diverse range of short films to offer and cater for every audience’s tastes. The circle with all the different colours combining and working together can also connote that they are a close and strong company who work together well with everyone in a close relationship.

Brit Films

Denotation: The logo is quite basic with three colours (red, black and grey) on a white background. In the center there is the company name written in two colours, with ‘brit’ being in black and ‘films’ being in grey. On each side of the name are three vertical lines which are a light red.

Connotation: The fact the films have these iconic red lines can connote that is a part of the film company ‘Film 4’ which has a similar looking logo and usually uses this colour combination of  red, white, grey and black. With ‘brit’ being written in black, this could connote the importance of the fact that this company is interested in British films and that they, as a company, are proud of the British films they produce. The vertical red lines can also connote that the films they produce are ‘cutting edge’ or shocking.

Short Film Channel

Denotation: The logo has a black background with what looks like grey lines on opposite sides. ‘Short’ is written in white and is at a slight diagonal angle and takes up most of the logo itself. ‘Film’ and ‘Channel’ is written in red, also at a diagonal angle, smaller and pushed aside to opposite corners of the logo. These two words are overlapping the word ‘short’

Connotation: The fact that ‘short’ is written in big, bold letters and takes up most of the logo itself can connote that the fact that the company is proud of the short films that they produce. The fact that most of the company name is written at diagonal angles can connote the fact they are trying to break boundaries and conventions and produce films that are new and exciting.

Future Shorts

Denotation: The logo is quite complicated compared to some of the other logos. It has a small white box on the left hand side containing the words: ‘FutureShorts’ with the word ‘Future’ in black and ‘Shorts‘ in red. These words are ‘bunched’ and squashed up in the box. The rest of the logo consists of a grey background with the red outline of a man’s face and it’s features.

Connotation: The fact the word ‘futureshorts’ is squashed up in a small box can connote the fact they are producing and promoting short films. The red outline of a man’s face can connote the fact that they try to address the individuality of the short films they connote and promote this to the world. It also makes them seem like they treat everyone like an individual and understand that everyone’s point of view on film quality is different and diverse. 

Apple Ipod Itunes Podcasting

Denotation: The logo consists of a small 3D ‘i’ which is in the center and is purple. Rings revolve around the ‘i’ which get larger and larger- slowly loosing it’s colour as it does so. Starting out quite a strong purple and ending up white.

Connotation: The ‘i’ can connote the company trying to show that they are providing things personally for their own entertainment- like to download their own preference in things like music or films. The rings around the ‘i’ connote the fact that the company is promoting something which uses the internet and various methods of communication. It could also connote that the company is trying to cover a wide area and appeal to everyone’s needs and tastes.  

Projector Films

Denotation: A smudge of bright and light colours in the background, there are three words (which are the company’s name) covering it. ‘Projector’ at the top of the logo, in different bright colours, ‘Films’ in bold, black writing. And then ‘Cinema’ at the bottom of the logo in a strange and different font, separating it from the rest of the logo with dark,smudging shadows beneath it.

Connotation: The constant use of bright colours can connote the fact the company perhaps tries to produce happy and bright films. The range of fonts used can also connote the fact the company is trying to produce a various and wide range of films that will suit all different kinds of audiences.

Cloud 9

Denotation: The logo consists of a light blue background with a few white/grey clouds dotted around also. In the foreground is a man with a camcorder, posing as if he is ready to film. He consists of all kinds of blue shades- from dark to light and his camera is black. The tagline is written in black and small letters (that are mostly indecipherable). ‘Cloud 9’ is written in white and yellow, with ‘cloud’ in white and ‘9’ in yellow. Above this is a cloud combing the colours of yellow, blue and green.

Connotation: The mix of colours in the picture of the cloud can connote the company being close and a good team- like they try to get things done with ease and quality while taking account every person’s views. It can also connote the fact they try to produce a wide range of films to appeal to everyone’s tastes. The name ‘Cloud 9’ connotes happy times/memories which can then go on to connote that they make a range of enjoyable and friendly films. The picture of the man with the camera, looking ready to film, can possibly connote the company’s eagerness and willingness to produce films.


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