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Posted: September 25, 2010 in Media

In preparation for when my trailer is finally filmed and about to be edited, we were advised to begin thinking and developing some company logos to put within the trailer. Obviously for copyright reasons they had to be all our own ideas and not stolen in any way. So, I began by thinking about my genre (thriller/revenge) and then what could symbolise the nature of my film to the audience…

Psychotic Studios:

I have to say this is probably my personal favourite out of those I have created. When I began I had absolutely no idea of what to do, so I recalled some of my favourite thriller/revenge films to give me some inspiration. Firstly I thought about ‘Sweeney Todd’ and how regularly violence is used in the film and how much the colour red is also (mostly in the form of victim’s blood). And this then in turn got me thinking about thrillers like ‘the Sixth Sense’ where upon re-watching carefully I realised that the colour red is used repeatedly throughout the film (on a church door, character’s clothes, a balloon etc). Continuing this theme I later came across the iconic thriller/horror film ‘The Shining’ and watched the trailer where an elevator full of blood bursts out of the doors and onto the camera lens. And all this made me begin to think that the colour red is rather important to my genre(s) of thriller/revenge- it connotes everything they conventionally contain- bloodshed, danger and anger. So I thought that it would only be appropriate for my logo to contain red. And to keep in touch with my genres’ tendency to contain violence I thought that a splatter of blood would be prefect to display this…

So I searched on google images (shown above)and did some trials on different patterns of splatters to see which one suited the logo best (I did ask for some people’s opinions on these also) and when I had nailed it down to one image, I copy and pasted into paint and started to add some text onto it. The name ‘Psychotic Studios’ (written in tall black letters to convey the violence of my trailer/film) also came to me while I was thinking about some of my influences in the thriller/revenge genre- mostly the people seeking revenge or the villains of the film. I thought about John Doe from ‘Se7en‘ and how he was unbelievably patient and controlling, I thought about Sweeney Todd and how he would let no one in his way to get his revenge, I thought about Richard and how he could not let God forgive those who’d killed his brother, I thought about all of them. And well, they’re all pretty psychotic characters in their ways. And perhaps my protagonist would be too…so I thought ‘Psychotic Studios’ would be best fitted to a film of my genre… 

Sleeping Wolf Films:

After using a lot of red and conveying the feel of my trailer (and the film itself if it were to be completed), I decided to try and think of some other way a film company may design a logo. So, thinking of the angry and violent characters within my chosen genre, I thought I may choose a logo that includes a particularly violent or powerful animal (as quite a few companies use various animals as their logo). And after thinking about using black panthers (which I got some picture of but I don’t think they worked well) snakes and other kinds of dangerous animals I finally came to choosing the wolf. I chose them as they are quite a popular animal and usually are portrayed as strong and dangerous- like the protagonists in thriller/revenge films. But I came to a halt as I could not think of a company name that would fit this particular animal, so I thought back to my films….In ‘Sweeney Todd’ I saw the main character brooding constantly in the trailer for the film, unable to forget or to forgive but yet unable to do anything about it….yet. And then I re-watched ‘Se7en’ and it stuck in my mind how slow paced and utterly tension building the film is, always waiting and waiting and waiting for the killer to strike. But with the heroes or the audience unable to do anything to stop it happening. And that’s when I thought about the wolf sleeping in the logo. The animal is dangerous yes, and he is likely to be able to do terrible things when he awakens, but we must wait for him to wake up before this danger or threat appears- and that builds a lot of tension. And I want my trailer to be tension building so the audience will want to watch the film itself, so I though this would help convey the tension building nature of my trailer to the audience.

So I got the picture of a sleeping wolf and then used a website called and tested out various fonts for my logo. I chose mysterious black writing to emphasize the tension being built as the ‘wolf’ sleeps and the black can connote the dark and horrible things that will happen when this ‘wolf’ wakes up (‘wolf’ being my protagonist who is waiting to get his revenge). I did have other pictures and other choices of font but after asking some other s which they prefered and looking at my own personal opinion, I chose the one I have displayed here as I think it looked a bit more professional than the others.

Wrath Productions:

Yes, you guessed it. I was thinking mainly of ‘Se7en’ when I created this. The seven deadly sins kept cropping into my mind, and I wondered how they could link to my genre(s). I soon realised that ‘wrath’ would be an excellent choice from the seven sins as this can portray the anger of my protagonist who is seeking ultimate revenge on the people who ruined his childhood and stole his innocence. And besides, most Thriller villains and Revenge protagonists are always cheesed off about something…which is what usually makes the film itself- Like in ‘Se7en’ John Doe is angry because sin has become a trivial and accepted thing in society. In ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ Richard is angry because his brother was murdered and had no justice. In ‘Sleepers’ the boys are angry because they were abused by men who were supposed to be looking after them. And in ‘Sweeney Todd’ Todd is angry because his wife is gone and his daughter imprisoned by the very man who ruined his life anyway. And the list goes on, so…basically anger or wrath is one of the main features of my genre. So ‘Wrath productions’ was already forming in my head…and using the previously mentioned website I found a lot of interesting fonts to use in my logo. But I think this one (seen above) really portrayed pure wrath, so I used this one instead of more fancier ones that would have taken away the emotion I was trying to express to my audience…

And then I began to think of bulls. Mainly because I was back to animals again and I thought of the angriest animal I could think of…and bulls was an obvious answer. I then began searching on google images for pictures of the animal charging but i did really find any I felt worked with the text I already had…So I then expanded the search as I thought of the star sign of Taurus (pictured above), which is a bull. Here I found many interesting bull tattoo designs which fitted in perfectly with my already black writing. I chose the specific picture of the bull that is featured in my logo because it looked one of the angriest, like it was bucking or jumping, which really conveys the feelings of wrath. To add a little more anger/wrath to the logo I coloured in the bull’s-eye to make it red using paint and thus connoting even more anger, danger and violence.

Sweet Justice Pictures:

For some reason, I don’t know why, strawberries kept coming to mind when I was trying to think of another logo. And at first I tried to suppress the idea but it got the better of me and I tried it out to see how if it would actually work or not. Well, I searched google images for some strawberries and thought of some ideas about how my film could be regarded or connoted as something as sweet as a strawberry…and then I thought the big revenge element of my film, and how revenge can usually be regarded as sweet justice- justice that is more satisfying for the protagonist as they are getting it personally themselves how they want it. So with all this in mind I used the font website to find some appropriate fonts. At first I tried to make it look fancy and pretty (replacing the image of a strawberry with a cupcake and sugar lumps) but I don’t think this made the logo look very interesting and it looked a little bare. So I chose angry fonts instead to contradict the word ‘sweet’ and thus perhaps interest audiences a little.

A whole strawberry wasn’t really working for me, so I tried all kinds of fruit and none of them worked either. And then I came up with an idea- keeping the strawberry but having a half eaten one, so as the maybe suggest that something has been taken or tainted to cause someone or a character to want sweet justice, just like in my plot…(except in my plot it is a little more than a half of a strawberry that is taken…) and the search I carried out can be seen on the still above. But I still wanted a little more of the colour red in the logo, to help connote bloodshed, danger and anger (like in the ‘Psychotic Studios’ logo) that this sweet justice comes from. And I came across some interesting red footprints, which I think helps the logo seem a little more violent and links to the sweet justice being carried out in the film. Overall I like this one as the strawberry and the word ‘sweet’ contradicts the red, blood like footprints and the harsh black scrawls of the company name.


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