My Moodboard for the thriller genre…

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Media


This is my mood board for the thriller genre in which I have tried to convey the conventions of the genre and what it means to me personally. I firstly started out by thinking of the films/trailers that have influenced me and then went on to think about the things they have in common.

I thought about characters mostly- thinking about heroes/villains/victims and what they all seem to have in common (such as victims in thrillers seems to usually be women/children with light and/or blonde hair). I tried to convey these conventions through words that I thought fitted into the genre (such as ‘Abusing their power’ for villains,which was influenced by a pictures I collected of Percy from ‘The Green Mile’, The prison guard from ‘Sleepers’ and the emperor from ‘Gladiator’ as they are all villains that have power over the heroes and abuse this power for their villainous deeds). 

Thinking more of the genre itself, I began to think of sometimes how the conventions are broken- such as ‘Unlikely victims’, ‘Unexpected Villains’ and ‘Unlikely Heroes’ which I think, because used so often in the genre, has perhaps become a convention itself (So in short, breaking character conventions has become a convention!)

I then thought about props and colours which I searched for on google images to portray other conventions I think can be found within the genre- such as handcuffed hands to represent the fact  that most villains in thrillers are prisoners. And guns and knives to represent the fact that these films are usually violent and use props such as these for murderous acts.

I then added colour to the board, adding black and white to convey how the heroes of thriller regularly try to bring justice to a violent and corrupted world. I also added red, making drips of blood to connote the violent nature of thrillers and the fact that a lot of characters are  usually murdered within these films. It also connotes the anger and brutal nature of the villains within these films, who I usually found to be relentless, unforgiving and despicable.


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