Questionnaire for the inital storyboard…

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Media

To help me get an idea of whether my current storyboard will work well when I come to actually film it, I thought it would be good to get some advice from audience members…

So they watched my windows movie maker trailer of my planned storyboard and also got to look at the original pictures I have previously posted to my blog with full annotations of what I intend to do).

Afterwards I asked the following questions (And below them I have justified my choice of questions):

Q: After looking at my storyboard, can you tell what the genre of the film will be?? (You can state more than one, but please give reasons to your judgements)

Why this question??

Well I know now that genre is important. And I have chosen a hybrid for my trailer (though the most prominent genre is thriller) and I want the audience to know exactly what genres are being displayed so that they can personally judge whether it’d be the right film for them. And if it turns out that my genre is not clear, I will have to think about how I could make it more clear to the audience- perhaps in the way of camerawork and/or sound so that audiences are not too confused about what they could expect if they went on to watch the film.

Q: How did it make you feel? (As in scared or upbeat etc)

Why this question??

I want my trailer to have the right atmosphere- or the atmosphere I expect of it anyways. I want it to be tense and dark- perhaps leaving audience members confused and even a little scared. But if I get this wrong and it has no atmosphere, or not the right kind, the trailer could have little or no lasting effect on audience members, and therefore not move them enough to want to watch the film itself.

Q: If this was a real trailer, would you feel inclined to go on to watch the film afterwards? Why?

Why this question??

Really this is the whole point of a trailer- to get audience members wanting to see the film itself. And if a trailer doesn’t ‘sell’ the film and hype it up to the audience, then it’s not a trailer is it? And if it turns out my own replies come back mainly as a blunt ‘no’ I may want to rethink my tactics and think about what WILL get audiences wanting to see my film…

Q: What questions were raised in the trailer that you want answers to?

Why this question??

I thought it’d be interesting to know what things the audience is wondering about the film itself after watching the trailer- it can show me whether I’ve led them into the vaguely right direction, or perhaps into a brick wall. To get to the point, it’ll show me whether I’ve been successful in two things- getting the narrative of the film across and making the audience want to see the film itself.

Q: Can you predict what will happen in the film itself from watching the trailer? Explain.

Why this question??

Quite basic really- I want to be sure the audience has some vague idea about what will happen in the actual film without going so far that they can basically predict the exact things that will happen. So I want them to know the basics (perhaps up to the first disequilibrium of the film) but not too much that they can guess where it’ll all lead (to the restoration of the equilibrium). And either way this can take away from my trailer’s overall atmosphere- so if I give them too much or too little information I might want to think about redrafting my storyboard…

Q: Do you think it is too confusing? If yes, how could this be overcome?

Why this question??

Well just looking at it myself I think it comes across as confusing, and I made it. So I want to know whether audiences think it is too confusing as I do want a little bit of confusion int here somewhere (because it is a convention of thriller films and can add to the tension of the trailer) but I’ll want to make sure it’s not too much as being too confused is nearly as bad as not confused enough…

Q: Overall, did you like my trailer? What did you like/ not like about it? Please give explanations.

Why this question??

General interest I’d say- I want to know what others think works/doesn’t work so that I can get a good idea of what to keep in my trailer and what can be possibly left out.

Q: Do you have any suggestions to make the trailer better?

Why this question??

Well it’s always good to get audiences suggestions. Afterall, they’ll be the ones watching and judging it, so they may have some ideas and suggestions about how my trailer can be improved that I myself could not think of before.


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