Preparation for Filming…

Posted: November 20, 2010 in Media


Jack’s House

I was thinking I could use my brother’s house as I am hoping to get him to play Jack (the protagonists in the film) I just need to get round to asking him…and therefore the fact he actually does live there could add a bit more of a professional or realistic touch to the trailer.

Also, my brother’s house is (no offence to him) very very creepy looking. It is a small cottage that is almost falling down on one side (leaving the floor, amongst other things, to look extremely slanted and like something from a horror film) and therefore would give my trailer a dark atmosphere and lead the audiences to think  the film itself is of the thriller genre.

Using his house as a location is also very helpful to me as he lives just next door and therefore I won’t need to travel far when I intend to get some shots from inside his house.  

The youth club

Well this is one of the main locations of the film and I think probably the most important too- because it’s where the incident that caused Jack to want to get revenge happened. It’s the cause for all of the disruptions within the film and thus the equilibrium is restored when it is burnt down at the end of the film (which I may have just added onto my initial plot, so the ending goes as follows: Kitty finds out Jack is the killer and the little boy isn’t real, she chases after him and tries to save Pete, who is the last remaining youth club owner. Jack tells of his reasons for revenge, kills Pete, burns down Youth club and then is taken away by the police).

I think the location where I can film the youth club lies within the school. Obviously the school is a big place and I can easily get an empty classroom for the shot in which Dom and Alice talk and surely find other places within the school which I can film in aswell. But I want to be careful that I don’t give away that this location is a school (like having pupils, who are in uniform, in the shot, or having exercise books placed near characters etc ) otherwise this may confuse audiences and make the trailer look overall, amateur and unprofessional.

Alice’s House

Well I can only see one shot in my storyboard so far where this would be needed (which is because I don’t think Alice’s home life is as important to portray in the trailer as it is in the film- it’s another thing to leave the audience wondering about) but I think because of this I’ll use a close friend’s house. Hopefully it’ll be the friend that is playing the character of Alice as this way it will be easy for her to get to and she will be in a comfortable environment to work in (thus her acting may be better!). Also, her house is in the same village as the school, so getting transport there to film will be easy enough.

Kitty’s house

 Probably within the school again. I mean, I don’t need shots in this location that much and as long as I do not film it in the same classroom or part of the school as I did the youth club it will probably seem like a different location all together. As I said before though, I do need to make sure that I don’t give away that this location is at a school, (and as none of the shots require me to go into Kitty’s house as such I think this will work) so that means no pupils/teachers sneaking in shots and no exercise books left lying around etc. Also, I am thinking of asking a friend who goes to this school to play Kitty, so by having the location of the character’s house set here, I can easily get the filming I need of them because they are here pretty much every weekday.

A field outside Jack’s house

Needed for shots in the trailer that imply the climax of the film- the part where all is revealed about Jack and who he is/what he’s done. This is the location of the scene where Alice appears to be running away from someone in the trailer (implied to be Jack) but in the film she is actually running to Jack to stop him killing Pete (the last owner alive). The field is supposed to be located between Jack’s house and the youth club- and serves the purpose as a short cut between the two locations. It is in this location that a lot of things happen- Jack tells Alice the truth and knocks her out before she can try and stop him.

Lucky for me I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere, so I have a remote and abandoned field which is a perfect location for this. It’ll build the right atmosphere and add to the mood of the trailer as it looks dark and empty (reflecting Jack’s soul perhaps? Or helping to build tension).

Village in which the characters live

Well I can easily use the local village for this (which is where the school is) as I can get there easily: relatives live there, friends live there, go to school there etc and I know my way around as well- so therefore I know the places within the village which will be perfect for the shots I need.


Well most of the props required for the filming of the trailer are actually already within my reach. Which is very helpful because I therefore don’t need to buy them or end up borrowing them from others etc- it gives me a lot less hassle in the long run:

A rolling pin

Needed for the shot in which Dom realises someone is watching him and tries to protect himself with the kitchen utensil. Obviously I have one of these somewhere around the house and if I can’t use that one for any odd reason I still have the option of asking the food department within the school to let me borrow one.

Masking tape

Required for the shot where Kitty’s mouth is taped up by Jack. I’m sure I have some of this somewhere in my house and if I find I truly don’t, I still have the art department or friends which I can ask to possibly borrow some.

A swing

Luckily, I have quite a big garden. And I have younger sisters. So I naturally have a swing which the child character can be seen playing on. And lucky for me, it’s in my own garden and therefore will be easy to film.

A syringe

Needed for the scene in which Kitty is dr*gged by Jack (which leads to her suicide). Well I don’t have a proper one, but I do have a pen which looks extremely like one. And the way the actor holds it could make sure that it looks like one and doesn’t reveal what it actually is.

A lighter

Personally I don’t have one of these. But I need one to indicate the ending of the film within the trailer ( which is Jack burning down the youth club). Thankfully I know a lot of people who smoke and therefore would have a lighter on them…Actually, just thought…maybe a lit match could be more atmospheric?? Hmm….something to consider…maybe I’ll try a shot of a match being struck and a lighter a light and see which one looks best and should therefore be put within my trailer…

An axe and a hammer

Luckily for me my stepdad works outside a lot (mostly with wood) and I’d therefore be able to get my hands on props such as these. Which is good because I think they are vital to hint to the audience in the trailer that it will contain a lot of bloodshed and murder. 



Well, Alice’s costume isn’t as significant as others. I think that the costume would be simply something to convey that she is a typical teenage girl- jeans and perhaps a hooded jumper of some sort? But because she is has an innocent personality and is pure and clever, perhaps items of clothing which are white to connote this. Also, the character needs at least one change of clothes throughout the trailer to insinuate time passing in the film itself (it doesn’t cover the incidents of just one day- so characters will obviously need to change their clothes/costumes).


Again, this isn’t as important as such. Maybe something to imply that she is a little older than Alice- so perhaps something such as high heels or items which are a bit more formal and less casual?


This character isn’t seen a lot but does require specifically a ‘hoody’ to conceal their identity and make them seem mysterious (which Ray is, as he only exists in Jack’s head) the darker the better as well. Would help to insinuate the darkness the character hides or will reveal.


Maybe a bit more specific than others- he’s a chef at the youth club so her requires to look like one, obviously (so I can get his profession and role across to the audience). So maybe a plain white apron and a chef hat if I can get one…


Now this is one character that there is no costume really required at all. it doesn’t matter what he wears, because he’s only in one shot!


Well to help conceal his identity- I think a ‘hoody’ would be good also. As well as concealing his identity this would link Jack with Ray, and help portray to the audience that these characters are linked in some way (without giving away exactly how). I think it would also do well to have him in a dark ‘hoody’ because this would help confuse audiences watching the trailer into thinking he is a dark character when really, if you watch the film, it isn’t true (OK he does do bad things but his motives are a form of sweet justice).

Characters/ actors…


Age: Young- about 15-18,

Important personality traits: clever, determined, innocent (a bit naive)

Background Info: Is an outcast and therefore often seen alone, friends with youth club owners, family doesn’t care about her as much as she’d like (or take interest in her) which is why she is often alone.

Role in the film: Hero. She suspects Jack of the murders of Kitty (dr*g overdose) and Dom (s*icide) and is determined to stop him. She tries to convince others but they don’t believe her- they think the characters deaths were not murder. Despite this she confronts Jack many times through out the film and finally sneaks in to try and save Ray (the child living with Jack) from him and then ring the police. She then discovers Ray isn’t real and tries to find Jack.  Confronts Jack on his way to youth club to kill Pete. Gets knocked out, gets to youth club to Jack threatening Pete, all is revealed about Jack’s past (Pete, Dom and Kitty abused him when was younger, and they were going to do the same to Alice). Alice sees sense in Jack’s motives. Pete is killed and Jack sets the youth club alight. Jack saves Alice from the flames and she then watches him taken away by the police.

Shots needed in trailer: Quite a few. Probably the most out of all of the characters as the trailer is more focused upon her journey in the film than any other. Approximately 10 shots in all and most of the dialogue too. Changes location at least 4 times in the trailer.

Actress sorted?: Yes. I have asked a close friend if she will be wiling to act and she has thankfully agreed to the idea. And as I know her well and trust her to help me make my trailer look good and professional, I thankful that she will be playing what is pretty much the lead role.

If I had the opportunity:

(Just to explain this is where I play the game of ‘If I had all the money in the world and I could get any actress/actor in the world to play this part my choice would be…’ and I’ll be doing it for every character, as I think this really helps portray what kind of characters they are and makes them feel a lot more ‘real’. To me anyway. It also shows that I’m looking at my film in a more professional and less amateur way..)

Sarah Bolger

Why? Well I think from what I’ve seen of her previous performances (especially ‘In America’) I know she is a very talented young actress and would therefore do a good job at playing this protagonist. Also, her role in ‘In America’ as the young Christy was a surprisingly similar character to Alice : She was clever, protective and very strong for such a young character, which I think is exactly how I’d picture Alice to be. Alice would be clever because she knows Jack is the real killer behind all of the supposed ‘s*icides’, protective in a way because her character is concerned for Ray and plans to free him from Jack’s clutches and strong, which she needs to be within the film to face up to a killer and try and stop him/ deal with the truth (and it is this strength she gains throughout the course of the film). Also, I think the young actress is just as I pictured Alice physically: young (Bolger is 19 years old but could always play a character who was a few years younger if needs be) with brown hair ( which Bolger has, and this is to show Alice is not a victim but a heroine, as victims usually have blonde or lightly coloured hair) and quite short and slim also (Bolger is only 5ft 4 and is of a slim build– and I originally pictured Alice as a short and slim so as to contrast her with the frame and height of Jack. As in appearances and character they are so very different but they are both put through the same hurt and hardship throughout the film and because of the same characters– Dom, Kitty and Pete- and this what brings them ‘together‘ or makes them empathize with each other).


Age: Well about 20-40 years old

Important personality traits: clever, quiet, driven, un-forgiving, dark, cold, conflicted

Background info.: His arrival in the village is the first initial disruption of the film. He keeps to himself and the only company he has or wants is that of Ray, his friend’s child whom he has agreed to look after for a few months. He keeps Ray locked up indoors in fear of someone hurting him/losing him.

Role in the film: The other, darker protagonist of the film. He provides the disruption and problems that Alice has to overcome and solve. Driven by what happened to him when he was younger, he goes about trying to make Dom, Kitty and Pete suffer as much as humanly possible- like he did. He goes about methods carefully so that no killing is actually involved (except for Pete’s death) and plays mind-games on them so they end up really killing themselves. Though he is guilty of driving them to it. He regularly is stressed by people discovering his identity/ finding out what he’s doing- especially by Alice. He doesn’t kill her although he knows she is determined to find him out because she is just like he was. So instead he shows her why he does these things and makes her understand it is the only way. When he nearly kills both himself and Kitty in the fire at the end scene he realises it is time to put his memories to rest and forget- and so gives himself into the police and is arrested without a struggle. He pleads guilty and is never seen again. 

Shots needed in the trailer: Erm..not many because although he is a very important character, I want to keep his identity a secret in the trailer so as to keep the audience guessing and convey the film’s mysterious atmosphere. So he’s needed for a little bit of dialogue and about 5 shots in total…and his location only changes a few times.

Actor sorted?: Well I had my brother in mind for being ideal for Jack, but I need to ask him whether he’d actually be willing enough to act…I mean his identity is never really revealed so I don’t think he’d have that much of a problem with it.

If I had the opportunity:

Benicio Del Toro

I have no idea why, but I can just picture him as Jack. OK it may be weird, but that’s the only real explanation I can give. Well, I think he genuinely looks as I originally pictured Jack in my head- I pictured him to be originally around his twenties, but I could always raise this age to late 30s-40s as I think it may fit better (And as Del Toro is 43, I think he is the right age to play Jack), he should also be tall (Del Toro is approx. 6ft 2 inches) with dark hair (which Benicio definitely has naturally) and a slim build (he seems to have that too, and I have heard for some roles he has put on/lost weight in the past because of his sheer devotion to them). Also, coming to the personality of the character, I have been doing a bit of research on the good ol’ IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) website, and have happily discovered his usual trademarks of acting (I wasn’t sure of many beforehand, as I’ve only seen him in ‘The Usual Suspects’ and therefore couldn’t judge this for myself) are perfect for my character. He is apparently known for the following:

Slurred, mumbling voice and odd mannerisms

 Yes I noted this in ‘The Usual Suspects’ I think it’s what made him stand out to me as his character, Fenster, was so unusual and unique because of the way he played him. Also, when I think of the character of Jack, I can picture him often slurring or mumbling in his dialogue because he is initially meant to be a very secretive and somewhat odd character (doesn’t let Ray outside, odd ways of getting revenge, keeps to himself etc) and due to this I think Del Toro would definitely be able to play him perfectly and would therefore be my first choice (if the ‘If I had all the money and power in the world’ game was actually real that is…which unfortunately for me, it isn’t)

Frequently portrays dark tragic characters

I couldn’t ask for much more really. Jack is a character who is about as dark and as tragic as you could get. He’s dark in the way he does not stop at just killing those he wants revenge on, he messes with their minds and plays with their hidden guilt about their secret lives (playing mind games with them so extremely he willingly causes two of them to commit s*icide). And tragic? Well Jack has that too. His story is very tragic – firstly abused in all kinds of ways by older children (young teens) when he was younger, who tempted him with false friendship only so they could use him for their own needs. And then abandoned by these people and left with nothing but nightmares of what they did to him. Tortured by these nightmares of his past, he then goes to try and do the only thing he feels can get rid of them: by going back to those who abused him and stopping them before they do it to anyone else. Jack is also a tragic character in the way he is arrested in the final scene, as the audience will know he will spend the rest of his life in prison, but some may argue this is not what he truly deserves. So if Del Toro really is well known for playing these kinds of roles, I would see no reason why my character of Jack would be anything but perfect for him. 


Age: 30-40 years (or even over this wouldn’t matter)

Important personality traits: cruel, vindictive, selfish, clever, straightforward, confident, un-caring, vain etc

Background info: Basically one of the villains of the film and the first to die at the hands of Jack and his vengeance. She is a controlling character who cares about nobody, not even her friends, and looks out only for herself.

Role in the film: This character is hinted to be, at the start of the film, a good friend to Alice. She keeps her company when she is lonely and seems to genuinely care for her. But as the film starts to build up it is soon clear she is not a nice character at all: She acts as a sort of ‘leader’ of the three with her strength and confidence. Out of all of the owners she is probably the most vindictive- she has immense acting skills, making children at the club believe she is their best friend but then ends up using them for her (and Pete and Dom’s) own selfish needs. At Jack’s entrance she begins to get paranoid that people are watching her/moving things about in her house/playing tricks on her and she doesn’t like it (this is the method she likes to  use on kids to get them on her side). At this is people begin to think she’s gone mad (no one believes her but Alice, which is what first sets of Alice’s suspicions) and she locks herself up in her house, paranoid and scared. She is the first to die out of the three owners. She is found dead in her house apparently from taking a dr*g ov*erdose. Everyone believes she just went insane and killed herself, but Alice seems to think otherwise and plays detective to discover whether there was more to her death than it seems…

Shots needed in the trailer: Well not a lot really. I can only count about two and dialogue just a few lines. So nothing much really.

Actress sorted?: I can really think of anyone who I know would be willing to help me film of this age. So I’m afraid I’ll have to use someone much younger for this character (around 17-20 years) to play an older character as these seem to be easier to find and I already have a friend in mind who I’m sure will be fine at acting this character out…

If I had the opportunity:

Helena Bonham Carter

Well she’s actually, physically everything I imagined Kitty to be: about 40 odd years old ( Carter is 44) slim, short (Carter is only 5ft 3 and I want Kitty to be short so as to make the fact that she controls pretty much all of the other characters ironic, because she is smaller than all of them, even Alice) and to have fiery red hair (which Carter is well-known for having and helps portray the character’s feisty and strong attitude as well as her cruel nature that she so brilliantly hides). Also, most of Carter’s previous roles are SO similar to Kitty I thought she’d be perfect. I would want her to be cruel and have an attitude of ‘I don’t care about anyone but myself’ which I found A LOT of her previous characters seem to have, such as the evil Bellatrix lestrange in the ‘Harry Potter’ series (and Kitty is an evil character, as she does try to hide the cruel things she does only to save her own skin) , and the strange and frantic Marla in ‘Fight Club’ (I’d want Kitty to seem at least a little strange in her mannerisms. And also Carter would be prepared for when kitty is supposed to go ‘insane’) and the slightly evil and dark Mrs Lovett in ‘Sweeney Todd: the demon barber of fleet street’ (well, it goes without saying, kitty’s acts are equally evil and dark). And as all of her roles seem to have at least an essence or two of kitty’s character, she’d therefore be the perfect actress to play her.


Age: Around 8-12 years old

Important personality traits: Quiet, brave, obedient, bright, caring, independent,

Background info: Ray is a child who moves in with Jack and is looked after by him while his parents (who are Jack’s friends) are away.

Role in the film: Although it may not seem like it to start with, Ray is an extremely important aspect of the film. He brings mystery to the plot as characters know and hear Jack has a child living with him and rumours spread that he stole him/kidnapped the child from his parents. Jack denies any truth in this and claims Ray is his friend’s child who he agreed to look after while they were away. But Jack’s behaviour towards Ray throughout the film is confusing and somewhat sinister- Jack is very, very protective of him, constantly not allowing him to venture outside the doors of his home and if he does (which is rarely) to never speak or be seen by anybody (and this is what makes the villagers suspicious of what Jack is really doing with Ray and why he’s cooped up inside constantly). Despite this, Ray and Jack have a close relationship, and Ray, upon realising what Jack has done, tries to get him to stop hurting people. He tries to help Jack but in the end he can do nothing. In the climax of the scene, where Alice has realised Jack is the true killer and has gone to kill Pete, Jack reveals Ray is in fact, not real. Ray is, and always was, a part of him- the innocence stolen from him by Kitty, Dom and Pete all those years ago. So by killing Pete and burning the youth club down, Jack is finally letting go of Ray and thus the torturing reminder of his past.

Shots needed in the trailer: One I think. And no dialogue. (because I don’t want the trailer to focus on him as such as I want to keep the truth of the character an absolutely mystery- this way no audience member will guess what he really is and part he plays in the film)

Actor sorted?: Yes. As I only need one shot, no dialogue and this one shot is of the character turned around, with a ‘hoody’ on, I think I can ask one of my younger sisters to do it. This will be helpful as they live with me and are the appropriate age to fill the role (if even not the right gender! Though it doesn’t matter because, as I said, the trailer only features the back of the character as he plays on a swing).

If I had the opportunity:

Asa Butterfield

I’d choose young British actor Asa Butterfield. Why? Well apart from the fact I think he is very talented for such a young actor (he played Bruno in ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ and Donny, a troubled young boy in an episode of the TV series ‘Ashes to Ashes’) I think he physically is exactly how I pictured Ray to look: he’s the right age (ok I thought Ray would be younger than 13 years old, which is what Butterfield is, but he can always play a younger character if needs be), he has dark hair (linking him to Jack which symbolises what purpose his character really serves), piercing blue eyes (which I personally think make him look either quite sinister or very vulnerable– and the mix of the two would be interesting for this character as he represents Jack when he was at his most vulnerable state, but is surrounded by sinister characters and deeds) and pale skin (which furthermore heightens his vulnerability to the audience). Yes I think Butterfield would be perfect as from what characters I’ve seen him act previously I know he could easily play Ray’s role, as it is very much like that of Donny in ‘Ashes to Ashes’vulnerable and naive, but brave and bright at the same time (in the episode his character was also being looked after by someone who wasn’t his parent, like Ray is being ‘looked after’ by Jack in the film and therefore Butterfield would know how to act realistically to reflect this).


Age:30-45 years old

Important personality traits: Strong, selfish, controlling, confident, paranoid, dark, cold, clever,

Background info: Despite Kitty, Pete is a kind of ring-leader of the three characters. He is more cruel than Dom and abuses/controls Kitty as much as she does to him.

Role in the film: To begin with Pete doesn’t seem as a very important character. He is rarely seen at the club and the others frequently pester him for never showing his face there enough. He gets annoyed at Dom for protecting Alice when he suggests a method of how they could use her and beats him up. This is what sets up a little feud between the two men and Kitty tries to calm them both down. At the point where Kitty is appearing to go insane, Pete thinks that they should just leave her alone and she’ll get over it. Upon hearing of her death and that she overd*sed on dr*gs Pete at first suspects Dom (because Dom has a takes and profits from dr*gs). When Dom appears to start going insane too, saying a ghost is haunting his house, Pete thinks this is because of the guilt he feels for killing Kitty. But after hearing that Dom had been stolen from the night before Kitty’s death, he realises Dom is not to blame. It is too late though, as Dom is soon found hanged- again suspected to be su*cide. With no members left, Pete thinks the best thing to do is to sell up nad move on- though he is still interested in Alice and will not leave because of her. On the night of his death, Pete gets a note from Alice to meet him at the youth club at night- the note is actually from Jack. Jack arrives, reveals who he truly is and just as Pete finally remembers him, kills him.

Shots needed in the trailer: One. No dialogue. Simple as really.

Actor sorted?: Well no not really but I do have a friend in mind and I’m sure they won’t mind one measly shot…they don’t even have to say anything.

If I had the opportunity:

Jason Isaacs

Well apart from the fact I think Jason Isaacs is a very talented British actor, he is the nearest to how I had pictured the character of Pete in my head: Pete would be short compared to the other male characters (Isaacs is tall enough at 5 foot 11 inches- but still is shorter than Del Toro and Thewlis who would play the other male characters if  it were a proper film. The reason I’d want the other male characters to be taller than Pete is because it would contrast to the fact he has immense power over them all) Pete would also be one of the oldest of the characters (and at 47 years, Isaacs is just at the appropriate age to play him) and have dark hair (which I am sure Isaacs has naturally anyway). As well as this I know from the previous roles Isaacs has played, such as the cruel and evil Lucius Malfoy in the ‘Harry Potter’ films and the villainous Hook in ‘Peter Pan’, he has a reputation for portraying particularly cruel and evil characters– which Pete definitely is. So therefore he would know how to get Pete’s nasty character just right and make him seem more realistic to the audience if I actually made the film- thus engaging them further in the film and sympathizing more with the hero or victims.   


Age:30-45 years old

Important personality traits: Sarcastic, funny, un-trushworthy, talkative, jumpy, sly, corrupt, gullible,

Background info: Well Dom is a troubled man who loves to cook- he serves as chef in the youth club and although he wasn’t fully aware of what he got himself into at first, he soon come to accept what purpose the youth club really served. There is a hint of goodness in his character, but only a small hint.

Role in the film: Well at first Dom serves the role as helper and friend of Alice. He regularly listens to the problems she’s going to and attempts to help her out as he genuinely does like her and thinks she is a nice but troubled kid. After being pressured by Pete and Kitty for being too nice to her though (at one point resulting in being beaten up and threatened by an angry Pete), he agrees to stop his caring attitude towards her. Being a very talkative character (mostly due to the dr*gs he takes), Dom’s ramblings often means he subconsciously spills all of Alice’s secrets to Pete and he uses them against her. As Kitty starts to go insane, Dom is concerned for her but Pete insists on not disturbing her. When it is heard that Kitty is dead (supposedly su*cide) Dom begins to blame himself because of the fact she stole his dr*gs to do the act with. He gets paranoid that Pete is going to kill him, so does whatever he asks of him to keep him on his good side. Later on though Dom himself is haunted by visions (created by Jack but he doesn’t know this) and not being able to get away from them, hangs himself.

Shots needed in the trailer: Not a lot really. Just 2 shots and a few bits of dialogue.

Actor sorted?: Well I have someone in mind who I think would get Dom’s ‘jumpy’ character just right (because it matches their personality). I just have to ask them and note of what time we can sort out some filming…

If I had the opportunity:

David Thewlis

Well physically I imagined Dom’s character to be just like British actor Thewlis: quite tall (and Thewlis is 6 ft 2 inches tall. Dom would ideally be one of the tallest characters to make him seem quite intimidating or strong when in fact he really isn’t- so the audience can’t get a full grasp of his character on appearances alone), around the same age as Kitty & Pete (and as Thewlis is 47 years old this means he is the same age as Isaacs, who I would choose to play Pete) have lightly coloured hair (I think naturally Thewlis has either lightly brown or ginger hair- so therefore he’d be perfect for Dom’s character. The light hair is an aspect to contrast him with the other youth club members and show a small hint of goodness in him, even if he doesn’t act upon it as such). On the acting side I think Thewlis is probably most well-known in films for his role as Remus Lupin in the ‘Harry Potter’ films, which would be perfect if he was going to play Dom because he would know how to portray Dom’s slightly good and helpful side in the film (As in the ‘Harry Potter’ films, Lupin is a character who constantly helps the protagonist and assists him on his journey). And as for Dom’s hidden evil and cruel side, I know for a fact that Thewlis has played a particularly evil character in ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ and would therefore probably be good at playing both sides of Dom’s character, the good and the evil.



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