Update: Storyboard Development (part 1)…

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Media

Well I thought I’d say since I have currently been trying to overcome some problems my storyboard/shots required has given me, I have been through a process of development on this area- which has led me to constantly annotate over my initial storyboard and sketches with notes about what characters/actors I need in each shot, what location I could film it in, what dialogue needs to be said, etc etc so as to help me while I’m filming. I thought I’d upload the photos as it shows I am developing and challenging my ideas as well as going over them time and time again to make sure my trailer is as good as it can be.

So here’s the annotated version of my storyboard…

Oh and I’ll take this opportunity to mention I’m currently in the process of drawing sketches of some new shots to replace some of those in the original storyboard that I feel either won’t work to their full potential or won’t get done at all…But I think overall, considering the ideas I’ve had in mind, it will improve the trailer and hopefully give it a darker atmosphere. I’ll upload them as soon as I’ve drawn them.


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