Summary of Plot…

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Media

In class we were asked to sum up the plot for our films (that we were turning into trailers) without using more than a certain number of words..

This helped up us to get a realistic idea of how much plots are summarised in the real world and if we knew our plots well or not (as if we know our plot inside out, summarising it into one word really shouldn’t be an issue as it shows we know it better than anyone really)…

Max. 25 words

A man, ab*sed as a child, gets the ultimate revenge on those who hurt him.

Words Used= 15

My thoughts

I think this sums up the plot for my film (that I’m basing my trailer on) pretty well. It gets the basic and most important message across to audiences without really giving away a lot about the film itself. It indicates a character will get revenge on those who hurt him in the past for example, but doesn’t let us know who this character is or how he gets his revenge.

Max. words 10

A man seeks revenge for past events

Words Used=7

My thoughts

So to cut down words I really just thought of what wasn’t necessary to get the basics of the plot and what was. So I cut out the idea that the character was ab*sed as a child and replaced it with ‘past events’ which makes the idea even more vague (as we now don’t know why this character wants revenge) yet sticks to the story just as well.

Max. words 1


Words Used= 1

My thoughts

At first I’d thought it hard to summarise a plot in one word, but it really is pretty simple. With one word it hints to the audience what will happen within it without hardly giving away anything. I think ‘revenge’ sums my plot up quite nicely in one word as this is the main theme and issue displayed in the film and trailer aswell.


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