Lots of Rough Cuts and Editing, But My Trailer Seems to be Complete!…

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Media

Finally, after a lot of ‘rough’ cuts, audience feedback and editing, my trailer is (or at least for now appears to be) complete and has been successfully copied onto a disc

I just thought I’d post an explanation of my work in the last few days and what was done in the final process of editing:

Day 1

Well after successfully re-filming shots that didn’t work (or more importantly, had shots within it that made it obvious to the audience that it was a school) I deleted the old ones and replaced them with the newer ones on Adobe. Here I was then able to cut them to the appropriate length, make them black and white and also, sort out which sound I did and didn’t want from the clips etc.

I then exported it as a video file and looked for some audience feedback.

Day 2

Big problem. After getting a few people to watch and evaluate my trailer, a reoccurring little annoyance propped up. My trailer’s ending. I saw what they meant and had actually realised it myself, but wasn’t sure if I was just being paranoid or not. I saw that when I deleted the old shots and replaced with the new ones I naturally messed up the sound and it’s order that I’d previously set it to. So the music didn’t fade out, thus making the ending seem a little harsh and unprofessional really. Something needed to be done.

Also, due to my worries at how long the trailer was meant to last (I was told previously that had to be within 30 to 90 seconds) I realised I must have got a little paranoid about my trailer being a bit too long and had cut the ending to make up for the rest of the trailer’s length (which were naturally the bits I felt were vital that I couldn’t cut regardless of time restraints). But after being told that the length of my trailer wasn’t anything to really stress about (within reason- it couldn’t roll on for hours obviously) I went back to Adobe and decided to put my ending back to how it initially was.

Day 3

 A little bit of editing. I went back to Adobe and made sure my ending and the music worked just as it had done previously. So I did this quickly enough and with it all looking pretty much finished, went and got it burnt it onto a disc.

So now, with my trailer looking like it is finally finished, I can go and get some audience feedback. This will hopefully tell me if there’s anything I may need to alter after all, and if my trailer’s really up to scratch…

And then I’ll go and start my ancillary tasks…or the research anyway.


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