Magazine Cover- Name Ideas…

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Media

Before I can start designing the front cover for my own film magazine (in which my film/trailer will be the main feature), I realised I needed a name…

Influenced by film magazines like ‘Empire’ and ‘Total Film’ I drew up a spider diagram of initial ideas that I could use for my own magazine (which you can see below…):

I started by thinking of simple words associated to film itself, most of these being common terms or nicknames in the film industry so that audiences can relate to the name of the magazine and will know instantly it is a film magazine. Such as the following:

‘Silver Screen’ which is a well-known term for a cinema,

‘Flicks’ which is also a common name for cinemas,

 ‘Outtake’ which is a term for when actors forget their lines or something goes wrong while filming, and so is cut (or taken) from the film itself. They are then often all put together and feature on the DVD of the film for audiences to watch: they are popular and generally are quite humorous,

‘Hype’ a term used for when a film is about to open, and those behind the film get the audience excited through advertisements for the film/interviews with actors/directors/sneak peeks/trailers etc which helps ultimately build the film’s fan base and overall success (as this all combined together gets the audience eager and excited to see the actual film itself),

‘A-List’ a common name for those deemed most popular actors/actresses in Hollywood and are therefore thought to create the most money /success. Including such names as Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe amongst others,

‘Demo’– a term for a trailer/sneak peek at a film, giving audiences an idea of what a film will be like without telling audiences too much about it, (though I think this is more associated to gaming- and demos of games than the film industry so may give off the wrong message if chosen…)

After looking at my diagram I narrowed the 14 possibilities for my film magazine name to my personal favourites, which were the following…


‘Brit Flicks’

‘Final Cut’


With only the four names remaining I then turned to a  group of  15 people and asked which name they thought was best, and this was the reply…

So it is clear to see from this chart that the winner (and thus the name for my magazine) is ‘Brit Flicks’ with 6/15

As this is the winner I thought I’d explain my original inspiration for this magazine name…

With the recent hype of the Oscars, I was glad to see that the British film industry (particularly within films ‘The King’s Speech’, ‘Black Swan’, ‘The Fighter‘ and ‘Inception’) pretty much wiped the board clean of the awards with the following:

Best Picture- ‘The King’s Speech’

Best Actor in a Leading Role- Colin Firth (for ‘The King’s Speech’)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role- Christian Bale (for ‘The Fighter’)

Best Actress in a Leading Role- Natalie Portman (for ‘Black Swan’)

Best writing (Original Screenplay)- David Seidler (for‘The King’s Speech’)

Best Director- Tom Hooper (for ‘The King’s Speech’)

Best Cinematography- Wally Pfister (for ‘Inception’)

Best Visual Effects- ‘Inception’

These awards being amongst many others, this I feel portrays just how much British cinema has to offer to the film industry as a whole and I think since my film (if it were made) would be British, I’d like to stick to the theme of promoting British cinema through a British film Magazine that, judging from the name, promotes films that contribute by any means (meaning they have British actors/directors/producers etc) to the British film industry.


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