Analysing Posters: ‘In Bruges’…

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Media

Well, after watching the brilliant yet extremely dark ‘In Bruges’ I found myself ultimately comparing it to my own film (well….trailer) ‘Tainted’ as it, in my opinion is quite similar in tone, or would be were it made into an entire film. So, I was naturally interested to see how they had gone about advertising this film, since I found it so similar to my own, and thus have analysed the films’ various promotional posters. Mostly in the hope they will inspire me for the designs of my own…

Well, as WordPress decided to stop working and randomly delete my work, I analysed the poster in a different format, using visual aids and paint to create a more visual analysis of the poster (which is situated below…). If the writing is too small to read as it is then if you click on it will go to its original size and hopefully will be legible…


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