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Posted: April 27, 2011 in Media

Realising  that I may need a tagline for my poster, I quickly created a mind map which included various ideas…

There were also the following ones I forgot to mention on the mind map…

Sometimes our pasts….can determine our fates…

Some nightmares….will never go away

Forgiveness takes a lifetime….forgetting takes a second

Dark pasts…will lead to even darker futures…

Having my personal favourites from this selection of ideas, I thought it’d probably be best to ask for audience feedback and which they think works best. So I devised the following questionnaire and gave it out to a group of 20 people varying in age and gender. These were my results:

I am producing a poster on the basis of a film/trailer of my own creation. The film is called ‘Tainted’ and is of the thriller genre, with a theme of vengeance, and also is intended to explore various issues such as peer-pressure and child-ab*se. So, considering this, which of the following taglines do you think would work the best to get across the themes of the film?…

And also would you please leave any comments at the bottom, if you can, explaining which you like, which you don’t, and why. Thankyou.

Revenge isn’t always sweet…

Votes generated: /// (3)

Cherish the innocence…destroy the darkness

Votes: //// (4)

His torment…will become their nightmare

Votes:////////// (10)

It’s hard to forgive…if you cannot forget

Votes: 0

When you taint something it’s ruined forever…remember that

Votes:// (2)

Some nightmares will never go away

Votes:/ (1)

A Selection of the Comments Left:

‘I think some of them were a bit too complicated. I voted for ‘Revenge isn’t always sweet’ because it gets the ideas of your film across easily’

‘I liked the contrast of light/dark in the ‘Cherish the…’ tagline’

‘Some were a bit too long. Ideally the one you should choose for you poster should be short and snappy’

‘I voted for ‘His torment…’ because it really shows the conflict within your film and also sounds the most interesting’

”His Torment…’ was the best one, because it’s gets across all of the theme and other things in your film’

‘I like how you incorporated the title of the film in some but I voted for ‘His torment…’ because it was the most mysterious’

My thoughts on the comments….

Well I did expect that some of the taglines were a little too long and therefore overcomplicated– and audiences tend to prefer short and snappy ones that are easy to understand, easy to read and yet don’t tell them too much– just give them a hint about what’s in store for them if they decide to go and see the film. Therefore I understand that ‘His torment…will become their nightmare…’ won the vote, as although it a little long, it is not as long as some of my other ideas. It also helps to get across all of the things in my film that I’d desire to get across through my poster. Such as ‘His torment’– is a direct hint to the protagonist, Jack, and his torment at the ab*se he suffered as a child at the hands of the youth club owners (Kitty, Pete and Dom). But although I know this, audiences will not. So what they get from this is that one character, possibly the protagonist, is tormented– indicating the disruption in the film’s equilibrium. But also cleverly leaving the audience wondering why? How? Who? And also whose characters fault is it? And then there’s ‘…Will become their nightmare…’ which obviously is my way of directing the idea of Jack getting revenge on Kitty, Pete and Dom in the most hideous way possible, redeeming what they did to him in the past. But obviously, to audiences’ with no foreknowledge about my film or it’s plot, this will clearly give out ideas of vengeance and that the tormented character is going to take it out on a group or collection of characters. It also gives of hints that the vengeance may be gory or upsetting to watch, giving audiences a better idea generally about what kind of film is being promoted by the poster. Therefore they won’t be mislead about what kind of film the poster is promoting, and will not be disappointed if they went to go and see the film (if it existed…).


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